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Be Your Best In Business with Ian Luckett

Aug 15, 2017

My name is Ian Luckett, and over the last two years, I’ve been building Innovate to Success from the experience that I have gained over the past 20 years while working in the corporate world, all with the main aim to help others.

The purpose of this Podcast is to help as many people as possible get a better, more fulfilled life. We do this by simply learning that taking small focused steps every single day towards a plan will enhance your work life balance and your bank balance.

Whether you are in a Leadership position or you are a Future Leader, I want you to have “A-HA” moments and give you those jabs in the ribs that make you sit up, think and Be your Best In Business.

I am on a quest to find out why people don’t take action and what we can do to help. I want every listener to get massive value from this Podcast and ultimately go about their day with confidence, clarity and purpose.

If you want that clarity and purpose in your day, the only way you’re going to do it is by strengthening your mindset and giving yourself a better chance to understand how you are perceived by others, understand your personal brand in the business and understand exactly how your mindset can help as a key tool in your business toolbox.

If you want that all important work life balance and you want to be successful, then we are going to need to do a few things a bit differently.  

In this episode, you are going to hear:

My Story; I had an average upbringing, the middle of three children. I left school with one GCSE but managed to reach a salary of over £100,000 per year.

You will hear, how over the years, I worked for a number of different companies at different levels. It was not always plain sailing, but these experiences helped in shaping me into what I have become today.

In this episode, I also discuss some of the DECISIONS that helped shaped my life.

I also talked about the importance of the question “WHAT IF?”

You will also get to know how my Future Leaders Development programme changed my life again and ultimately, in this episode I am sharing with you how my Mindset development doubled my salary in the last 6 years.

Life isn’t easy, however we can make it easier by focusing on the things that matter and once we have found our purpose in our Personal and Business lives then it makes it a whole lot easier.

I hope you enjoy it.

Keep posted because we will be having some awesome and inspiring Interviews coming up in the very near future.

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I had two years which year a bit of a nightmare but I knew that I want to be successful, I knew that I wanted to provide for my family, give them wealth, lovely holidays and great experiences – Ian Luckett

You don’t get paid by the hour, you get paid for the value that you bring to an organisation.

– Ian Luckett