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Be Your Best In Business with Ian Luckett

Dec 18, 2017

As you may know, every single guest that I had at “Be Your Best in Business” is a successful entrepreneur, businessman or businesswoman and in one way or another. Normally in these interviews I ask them how they cope up with work life balance. Are they good at it? Are they any different when they are in and out of the office? How do they spend their times outside the walls of their businesses?

In this episode, I have gathered all the work life balance clips from all my previous interviews so that we can really look into it, see if there is a formula on how to do it, and how everyone is doing in this area.

People have a notion that we need to have a 50-50 work life balance, BUT it does not have to be. Today, I am sharing with you how 11 different business minded people (all were guests in this podcast) deal with work-life balance.

We will be covering what each one of these guests has say regarding work-life balance. I am sure that we can all learn a thing or two from them.

John Kettley – He practices a three step strategy for everything, including his work life balance. He shared with us how he plans the following year during the window between the current Christmas and New Year’s days.

Andrew Bridgewater – He shares the importance of “recharging” to prevent burning out especially if you are in corporate. He also emphasises that work life balance is different for each person, what works for you does not necessarily work for me. It is complex BUT you will surely know when your work life is in imbalance, because more than anyone else, you know yourself.

Nick James – Nick says he’s not cracked work life balance yet, BUT he discusses how your health and fitness contributes success in your business.

Charlie Mullins – Charlie talked about being not good in terms of work life balance, saying that he might have worked more than he played. But they have a gym (among many cool things) in the Pimlico building that is accessible to their employees!

Susan Botfield – She discussed how important it is to say “NO” in order to keep your work life balance. She also talked about how her fitness contributed to her work life balance.

Chris Rodwell – I caught up with Chris while he was in Lisbon, where he detailed how he structures everything he does for the week (And since he’s in Lisbon, it includes going to the beach)!

Stephanie Davies – Stephanie shares how she keeps her Saturday morning gym routine, and also how important is it for her to keep her non-negotiables. She also talked about how important it is to follow her routine as it allows her to sometimes just be Stephanie and not Laughology’s Stephanie.

Andrew McBarnett – We can say Andrew “does not” have work life balance, he takes his wife to his business trips. He shares how important it is to integrate your work into your life, and vice versa.

Mick Holloway – When I interviewed Mick, they just had a new addition to the family and they are happy. He shares that he brings his day forward by going to bed early, and getting up early.

Kalpesh Patel – He manages his work life balance by really knowing what his priorities are, really understanding what’s important, and then living his life according to those.

James Burtt – James says that he does not consider work life balance, just BALANCE. He says sometimes he gets it right and sometimes not. He says that if you are looking at your life and work as two separate things then you are not doing what your CALLING is. As for him, since he has a lot on his plate these days, he relies on getting up earlier and staying up later than usual.


We really hope you learned something from this episode. Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year!

Guest Details

To contact any of them, you can visit these guests by using the information below:

John Kettley                                             

Andrew Bridgewater                                  

Nick James                                         

Charlie Mullins                                        

Susan Botfield                                                    

Chris Rodwell                                                                  

Stephanie Davies                                              

Andrew McBarnett FCMA CGMA                 

Mick Holloway                                                                

Kalpesh Patel                                           

James Burtt                                           


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