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Be Your Best In Business with Ian Luckett

Sep 4, 2017

Andrew Bridgewater is a chartered psychologist and resilience coach. He shares with us some absolute golden top tips to help us get fit for business and more importantly stay fit. He teaches us the importance of getting yourself fit and healthy, getting your brain working right, making sure that you are active, making sure that your blood is flowing, so that you can transform and perform better in business.

In this episode, you will learn what good stress and bad stresses are and how we can use these to help us develop natural resilience to today’s demands on us as individuals.

Andrew also shares with us how to avoid Burn Out and tells us his harrowing story of his journey where he ended up on heavy antidepressants and was hospitalised for a while after his own negative thinking internally took over and plunged him into depression.

More importantly Andrew and I talk about the importance of the need to balance our bodies and minds and let them both recharge!

If you want to be in business for the long haul and sustain a senior level in your organisation, then you need to get “Fit for Business”. Andrew also shares with us ways to implement small simple changes that will end up giving us some big results!

The best quote from the Podcast was “To know and not to do, is not yet to know” (have a think about it for a minute)

His three tips to help you kick start your healthy body and mind regime are:

1 – To drink 2/3 litres of water plus a small amount of Wheat grass a day

2 – Exercise some mental relaxation and de-clutter your mind

3 – Invest in some learning and explore and learn how your mind works – Check out some of Sydney Banks’ work.

I encourage you as a first step to visit Andrews Website and download his FREE Nutrition for Resilience 8 week audio course at or visit



Golden Nugget Round

Question 1 – What would you tell your 25 Year Old Self?

It’s all going to be fine.

Question 2 – What would you Lecturer at University today

I love what I am doing now, so Resilience and Well-Being at Work.

Question 3 – What was your biggest investment or financial decision?

My own education, and research in this area (Resilience and Well-being).

Guest Details

To contact Andrew, you can contact him at



What got you there does not necessarily keep you there. –Andrew Bridgewater

It's hard to do well if you don't feel really well. –Andrew Bridgewater

We’re all living a virtual reality experience (whether we realize it) every moment of our lives. –Andrew Bridgewater

References and Resources in this Podcast

Andrews book – Fit for business

The Slight Edge by Jeoff Olson

The Three Principles – Sydney Banks

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