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Be Your Best In Business with Ian Luckett

Oct 9, 2017

Chris Rodwell is the man behind Escape the Rat Race within 12 months… a personal development company that is based in London. He founded the company back in 2014. He is a Certified Master Coach by the Coaching Standards Authority, and in this episode, he shares with us how he transitioned from a 9-5 job, to traveling around the world (we did the interview while at his home  in Lisbon, Portugal).

Chris shared how he was once stuck in a 9-5 job, not feeling fulfilled, getting stressed out, and then deciding that he did not want to do that anymore.  He talked about how he, just like a lot of other people, hit a crossroad and he became unhappy  with what he was doing. But he did not give up, he made a number of decisions which included some that didn’t go so well to try and figure out what he really wanted to do.

In this episode, we talk about the importance of building a network, this in Chris’ eyes is critical and he shares with us how he connects with the right people.

We also discussed, how in the entrepreneurial space, you will get so many options, that sometimes it will totally overwhelm you, and he talk about how to deal with them. We also covered how Chris started off in  in the property business and  its pros and cons, and how it worked for both Chris and me.

Chris talked about how important it is to adapt a business strategy that works for you, because although all strategies do work in some way shape or form, not all will work for you. He tackled the importance of helping people understand what their strengths are, what is it that they are striving for and understanding what is their natural genius.

Chris also discussed one of the core programs that he practices – The 5 Step Freedom Formula, which covers following 5 key steps:

  1. Foundation: This is basically about having a clear understanding of where you are right now, and where you want to be. (Your WHY!)
  2. Flow: At this stage, you will be given an opportunity to take a profiling test (Wealth Dynamics), which will let you know which of the 8 entrepreneurial profiles fits you.
  3. Finances: This is where Chris’ team will come into action, looking into your finances and help you out.
  4. Fear: At this stage, Chris’ team will help you squash that voice in your head that’s holding you back.
  5. Focus: At this point, you will have a better understanding of your priorities, thus you will know which things to focus on.

Lastly, Chris shared with us three tips to success:

  • Cultivate an unshakeable mindset.
  • Seek out some local meetup groups. Specifically, groups of people that are doing what you want to do.
  • If you have an idea, validate it.


Golden Nugget Round

Question 1 – What would you tell your 25 Year Old Self?

Take a second to actually think what it is you really want, and just make sure that the path you are on is aligned to making that a reality.

Question 2 – What would you Lecturer at University today

I think at university I will have to talk about Fundamentals for Success, and Wealth and Happiness.

Question 3 – What was your biggest investment or financial decision

A collaboration with Jonathan Pfahl.


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"If you don't like your situation, then the only one that can change it is you!"  -- Chris Rodwell

“Your net worth is your network.” -- Chris Rodwell

“All the strategies work, but they might not work for you.” -- Chris Rodwell

“It is important that you’re strong in your head, before you even think about building a business and serving other people.” -- Chris Rodwell