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Be Your Best In Business with Ian Luckett

Nov 6, 2017

The “Drive for Business” integrated business strategy system may be a mouthful but to sum it up, it is based on the DRIVE model that we had for individual and Exec training, so we DECIDE what we want to do, REVIEW how we're going to do it, INTERROGATE our capabilities, VISUALISE and design your plan, and EXECUTE the plan.

In this episode, I am breaking down the “DRIVE for Business” integrated business model, and will be covering the 5 key elements that we need to consider to make your business successful. The purpose of this is to help you effectively create a revenue, create extra value for your customers, and get yourself a sustainable business that YOU RUN, rather than the business RUNNING YOU.

The five key areas that we are going to be focusing on today are:

  1. Business Development:

Where are your customers coming from? How are you looking after them?

  1. People Planning:

This involves the people working for you, or if you do not have employees, this is about your network and understanding who you’ve got in your network and how are you using your network.

  1. Commercial and Finance

Involves knowing your numbers, knowing where your money is coming from, and where your money is going to.

  1. Business Performance

This is about understanding where your company’s going into, strategically. Is your business performing well? Are you being productive? Are you being efficient with your time?

  1. Personal Development

If you’re developing as a person, and you are the one leading your customers on a journey, then the more you know, and the more you are adding value for your business.

I have also broken each area down into three sections:

  1. Business Development
    1. Marketing – What is your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)? What sets you apart from your competition?
    2. Sales Pipeline – This includes looking at your customer avatar; who are they and what do they need.
    3. Customer Service – It is important to take care of your customers because they are your FREE advertising.
  2. People Planning:
    1. Team Structure – Is your structure okay for change, is it available to change, and is it resilient to change
    2. Networking – No man is an island. You have to fill the gaps in your network.
    3. Team Building and Employee Engagement – This covers understanding why people are doing what they do.
  1. Commercial and Finance
    1. Income – Where’s your money coming from? How’s your money coming in? And how quickly are you getting paid?
    2. Costs – Do you really know your costs? Sometimes you don’t need to touch your sales to improve your business, sometimes you only need to control your costs!
    3. Risks – Assess and face your risks!
  2. Business Performance
    1. Productivity – this covers measuring outputs; how do we measure it?
    2. Time Management – This includes prioritising tasks, knowing how to maximise your time.
    3. Reporting - What are your KPIs? What comes up? You need to keep track of your business through reports.
  3. Personal Development
    1. Work-Life Balance – This is all about preventing burn outs, making sure you are re-energised, and getting time to relax.
    2. Learning and Development – This is about adding something of value to your business. We need to align the learning to your value.
    3. Healthy Eating and Fitness – You are what you eat! Stay healthy.

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You’re really what you eat! – Ian Luckett

Someone said to me a little while ago, “Taking a customer on a journey is a little like going on a date!” – Ian Luckett

Can you go on holiday and not worry about your business, or do you take the whole business with you? – Ian Luckett