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Be Your Best In Business with Ian Luckett

Feb 19, 2018

This week I sat down with Connor Gillivan from the US, he is definitely someone to talk to when it comes to leverage – he is one of the brilliant minds behind, a successful business that revolves around leveraging.

In this digital era where we get to connect with each other regardless of distance, it is really important to realise that we can’t always do it on our own, we need to know our options, especially when it means lowering our costs AS WELL AS allowing us to work on what truly matters to our businesses.

In this episode, we talked about outsourcing as a form of leverage -- what it would mean to the business, its pros, as well as its consequences.

Connor shared how important it is for the business owners or the management to figure out their own systems and processes before they leverage parts of their businesses. As they say, you cannot teach what you don’t know!

We also briefly tackled Amazon and drop shipping, how these work, and whether or not they are still lucrative businesses.

Connor discussed three reasons why businesses need to outsource, they are:

  1. To get away from the repetitive processes or tasks within the business.
  2. It allows you to become SMARTER within areas that you have weaknesses.
  3. Build a more PASSIVE business.

In this episode we also covered how important it is to use reliable outsourcing and freelancer markets.

Connor also shares FreeeUp’s USPs:

  1. FreeeUp receive hundreds of freelancer applications every week.
  2. They then have an internal team that weeds out these applications so they only hire the top 1% of these applicants.
  3. They protect their clients against turnover.


Golden Nugget Round

Question 1 – What would you tell your 18 Year Old Self?

I would tell him to find his passion and pursue it. AND travel!

Question 2 – What would you lecture at University today?

One of two things – either bootstrapping OR e-commerce.

Question 3 – What was your biggest investment or financial decision?

Investing in myself, personal development.

Guest Details

To contact Connor, feel free to e-mail him at

Links and Resources

If you are interested in leveraging, check out FreeeUp’s website at

Connor is also very kind to share the following links so that you too can learn from them:



Skills available on FreeeUp:

Set up a call with Connor:


We realised that we didn’t have all the time of the day to run all the operations, and growth projects of the business, so we started to look for freelancers and independent contractors to help us with the business. –Connor Gillivan

What we learned over the years of recruitment is – you either make a good hire, or a bad hire. –Connor Gillivan