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Be Your Best In Business with Ian Luckett

Mar 19, 2018

In this episode I sat down with Rob Sayles, a DIGITAL marketing expert (who is also backed with over 20 years of marketing experience) who runs a Facebook academy on top of coaching, mentoring and developing businesses and today we get to talk about Facebook as a powerful tool in business.

Rob shares how Facebook is the biggest social media platform, far bigger than Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. as well as how it has evolved over the years since it first came out. We talked about how the platform has matured and has become a very effective tool that one can use for both personal and business use.

Rob also touched on the Facebook algorithm – how it works, weeds through the content of the users post to determines which ones are relevant. He also shared Facebook’s plans on improving the platform.

We tackled how Facebook and any online platforms for that matter, are harvesting data about how you use the platform and this data creates a database which can be used by businesses very effectively.

Rob talked about how Facebook can help you organically grow your audience without the use of Facebook ads by harnessing Facebook pages, and groups.

Rob also shares the two primary methods of how his business is able to help others:

  1. Establish Brand Awareness – helping a client build his brand awareness (on Facebook) through organic method i.e. making use of pages and groups, and creating “interesting” contents.
  2. Using Facebook’s Paid Products – effectively using ads, etc. to reach new audiences.

In this episode, we also discussed how Facebook Retargeting works and how a cold lead is transformed into warmer leads as it goes down through the sales funnel. Rob explains how Facebook Pixel fits into this.

In today’s episode, we also get to hear Rob’s adventure when he was invited by Facebook to attend an event in Brussels recently.

Lastly, we got Rob to give us three tips and techniques on how to grow our businesses on Facebook:

  1. Catch people’s attention with your content in three seconds or less! Make an impact in that short span of time.
  2. Video is King! Incorporate videos into your contents.
  3. Generate a Pixel! Even if you have no plans of running a paid Facebook advertising yet, be sure to generate Pixel, it helps you in harvesting data.

Golden Nugget Round

Question 1 – What would you tell your 25 Year Old Self?

Do what you love and build up your tribe.

Question 2 – What is the one BIG learning point that change how you now do your business?

Taking imperfect actions, not polishing something to the nth degree. Things change so fast that you need to get out there and actually let the market decide whether what you’re offering is suitable or not.

Question 3 – What was your biggest investment or financial decision?

Doing courses and taking up mentorship. You should never stop learning – there’s always somebody out there that’s going to be better than you in certain things.

Guest Details

To contact Rob, feel free to visit

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Facebook @officialrobsayles


Any online platform is harvesting data on how you’re using it. And these effectively creates a database of points which you can use as advertisement. – Rob Sayles

Facebook is an ads platform! – Rob Sayles

I have blended my business and personal persona into one Facebook profile making it clear who I really am! – Rob Sayles   

You need to work out how to catch people’s attention with your content in three seconds or less – Rob Sayles