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Be Your Best In Business with Ian Luckett

Apr 30, 2018

Today’s episode is the first of a two part podcast with Ian Golding. Ian is a communications and impact expert, who helps businesses on how to “act” within the business. He basically guides businessmen and women into not just talking the talk, but also walking the walk. Today we will be giving you some useful tips and tricks on how to get your business’ message to the right recipients.

In this episode we opened up with the importance of “niching”, and how importance it is to get the RIGHT message to the RIGHT people. Regardless of how good your message is, if you are delivering it to the wrong people, nothing substantial will come out of it.

Ian also talked about the importance of knowing your transferable skills as they can definitely help you along the way; may it be in business, or your career.

 We also discussed how most of the time the transferable skills that we have are those that we do well, and so we don’t normally think of them as skills but rather just things we do on a normal basis. Thus we need to take a look at ourselves from the outside – objectively.

We also talked about how important it is for every single person in the organisation to know and embody the organisations value/s.

Ian shared how a lot of companies use their values as the driving force of the business.

One of the common problems experienced by businesses when trying to instil their company values across the organisation which is – to start from the top of the organisation!

He also shares some tips on how to make sure that the management embodies these values as well, and that includes becoming experiential, which also means practicing what you preach!

We chatted about the importance of knowing how we want to come across, and how we really come across to the people both in and out of the organisation. Ian also shared a very helpful tip, and exercise on how to do this within your organisation.

Lastly, Ian shares top three things that businesses can do to improve their businesses:

  1. Have a comprehensive refresh of your values.
  2. Invest in training to make these values explicit.
  3. Make sure that the values are instilled from the top down.

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A lot of the things that are potentially transferable skills are the things that you do well, so you almost don’t think of them as skills but just things that you do. –Ian Golding

Have a comprehensive refresh of your values; go back and make sure that their values and purpose actually represent what the organisation is all about –Ian Golding