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Be Your Best In Business with Ian Luckett

May 7, 2018

This is the second of the two-part interview with Ian Golding of GLOW Training, a communications and impact training company. In the last episode with Ian, we talked about how the business should act around their customers and prospects – we tackled how a company’s vision, mission, objectives, and goals should be well understood and embodied from the top management down to the frontlines. In this episode, we dig down to the individuals, you. How do you act around your customers? And how does your behaviour affect their attitude towards the business, and their purchase?

In this episode, we talked about the importance of personal impact and how the “YOU” from the inside may look different from the outside -- how others see you may not be necessarily the same as how you want to be seen.

Ian also shared that sometimes we create a barrier and turn people off unintentionally, so as entrepreneurs, we have to understand the power of listening.

He also talked about the importance of working on our behaviour and develop empathy because it is a very vital ability in sales. Ian also shares the top behaviour which embodies empathy such as talking less, working harder to shut up, and nodding when people are talking.

We also discussed one of the top clangers that sales people do when it comes to body language, and it is the failure to maintain eye contact.

We also touched on the importance of feedback in assessing our behaviours.

Ian also shared a common problem when it comes to first impressions -- putting all focus, concentration, and thoughts into WHAT they are going to say, and none to HOW they are going to say it.

 Lastly, Ian shares 3 top things that someone in business can do to help themselves in terms of conveying themselves to others:

  1. Identify the values that you want to portray in any occasion that you are in. How do you want to come across to others?
  2. Work harder on the message that your behaviour is sending.
  3. Eye contact – it is very important.

Golden Nugget Round

Question 1 – What would you tell your 25 Year Old Self?

Learn how to make decisions.

Question 2 – What would you lecture at University today?

I would be a lecturer in Acting, specifically Physical Theatre.

Question 3 – What was your biggest investment or financial decision?

Investing in property.

Guest Details

To contact Ian, feel free to e-mail him at

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If you are doing a presentation and is standing in front of everyone, the last thing you want to do is stand there and NOT know what to say. – Ian Golding

We spend so much energy on the content, remembering the content, making sure that we are going to say the content exactly how we practiced it in our heads, BUT got no thought or concentration on HOW we are going to say it. – Ian Golding

Actors always match the physicality that they use to the size of the room that they are talking to. – Ian Golding