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Be Your Best In Business with Ian Luckett

May 14, 2018

Today, we are fortunate to speak with Dexter Moscow, he is a coach and an expert in consultative selling and influencing who has been in the business in the past 40 years and more. In this episode we cover how important it is that we effectively influence our customers, as well as how we do it BECAUSE at the end of the day, we don’t really want to sell to people, we want people to buy from us.

We started this episode talking about how people these days hate being sold to and being manipulated into a selling situation. Dexter also shared what he learned while working as a TV presenter which includes understanding what the audience needs were so that we could create a presentation that matches with those needs.

Dexter was also generous enough to share with us the key elements that make people buy which are:

  1. Trust
  2. Relevant Information
  3. Easy to buy and send back
  4. Emotional Connection

He also points out how these days it is not enough that we are excellent at what we do, we also need to become a great communicator and understand how people perceive and choose to receive information especially when people have their preferences in communication, i.e. visual, auditory, and/or emotional.

We also talked about the importance of having an emotional connection with our customers and prospects.

We also covered the key things that helps us connect with our customers on an emotional level, which includes:

  1. Ask relevant questions.
  2. Establish a connection.
  3. Understand their need/s.
  4. (SELL on their needs.)

Dexter shares how important it is to find out the market’s perceived needs, as it will help us as to what products and services should we offer. He also points out how important it is to listen MORE than we speak.

We talked about the difference between COMMUNICATING and INFLUENCE as well as the rules of INFLUENCING which includes:

  1. Teaching something.
  2. Tailoring what we have to that particular need.
  3. Taking control!

Lastly, Dexter discussed his new book The M.O.S.C.O.W. Method which he wrote to help everyone in the business world on how to sell without selling. It is a 6 stage process that covers:

  • Prepare to present
  • Structure the presentation
  • Create the content
  • Deliver the content

Golden Nugget Round

Question 1 – What would you tell your 25 Year Old Self?

Accept disappointments in life as a lesson, and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Follow your dream, cultivate your network, and seek for advice!

Question 2 – What would you lecture at University today?

Understanding Personality Types and What their Motivation Is

Question 3 – What was your biggest investment or financial decision?

My best financial decision is selling my estate agency, my biggest investment is in personal development.

Guest Details

To contact Dexter, feel free to e-mail him at

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It is not enough that you are excellent at what you do, you really need to become a very good communicator and that means thinking about how people perceive information and how people receive information. –Dexter Moscow

People hate being sold to, they hate being manipulated into what we feel is a selling situation. –Dexter Moscow

We did not sell to them, they bought from us! –Dexter Moscow