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Be Your Best In Business with Ian Luckett

Oct 1, 2018

In this episode, Ian Luckett sat down with Ian Smith, owner of the Evolve Media Agency in the US. He helps people with their online sales funnel and getting those leads, as well as years of experience in using messenger bots. And today we are talking about how to warm up cold traffic, so sit back and enjoy the show!

In this episode, we talked about how important it is to get your potential and existing clients to know, trust and like you – how social media and emails have been a part of this over the years – and how these channels especially emails had become over saturated these days that the open rates, and click rates have been on a constant decline.

Ian also shares with us how messenger marketing is on the rise now and how businesses are slowly shifting into this channel, though he emphasises that entrepreneurs need not to ditch email marketing, and use messenger marketing alongside with it as well as other social media platforms, whichever your target is comfortable using.

We discussed the advantages of using Facebook Messenger in marketing, as it allows for a more interactive and dynamic communication. There’s also less inundation over in messenger compared to emails.

 Ian also discussed the importance of giving FREE value to your potentials and existing clients. You can easily send pdf’s, videos, links, and even podcast episodes in messenger.

He thinks the top thing that people normally do wrong when mapping out their customer journey, and that is trying to cut corners, trying to get that cold traffic to a customer too quickly.

He also talked about what a customer journey looks like in terms of consultancy. He tackled two things:

  1. Referrals
  2. Cold Traffic

Lastly, Ian shares his top three tips in messenger marketing. They are:

  1. Figure out if you are outsourcing or doing it yourself.
  2. Figure out your goals!
  3. Monitor your results, and OPTIMISE!

Golden Nugget Round

Question 1 – What would you tell your 18 Year Old Self?

Invest in education, invest in this internet marketing education.

Question 2 – What would you lecture at University today?

I’ll lecture about what I know – building relationships online, creating content, Facebook advertising, taking the initiative, and just going after what you really want in life. I would say, “Look at life like a video game, and you’re just playing this video game until game’s over. Have fun with life!”

Question 3 – What was your biggest investment or financial decision?

Education, into this digital marketing stuff.

Guest Details

To contact Ian, feel free to contact him at

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E-mail will always be the standard, across all-age demographics, and most established platform which is going to be consistent across the board with whoever you are targeting. – Ian Smith

Give FREE value! Give your potentials and clients some FREE digital downloads, i.e. FREE pdf! – Ian Smith